About EIFO

In challenging times, the European Industry Forum aims to facilitate connections and exchange between leaders and experts.

Using modern networks and technology, the European Industry Forum aims to replace the physical connections we have lost with powerful new ways to drive economic exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's EIFO's mission?
The EIFO brings together the leading heads of the economy to jointly prepare their industry for the challenges of a "New Normal" in an age of change. We believe that these experts of the industry can initiate a powerful exchange on current topics of the economy.
How do I become a member of the European Industry Forum?
If you are interested in becoming a member of the European Industry Forum do not hesitate to send us a mail. We are shortly going to get back in touch with you.
How do I find upcoming panel talks?
Upcoming panels are always uploaded on www.eifo.org, after they are streamed live on the same page. On the main page you will find information and announcements for any upcoming talk.
Who are the speakers?
Leading minds of the economy and thought leaders of different industrial sectors.

Driving Change.

As a non-profit organization headquatered in the heart of Europe in Berlin, Germany, the EIFo focuses on creating meaningful connections and discussions between economic leaders and experts.

The EIFO places a strong focus on using digital technology and the digitalizaion of interdisciplinary business communication.

The EIFO will provide a basis for cooperation in between important leaders. We believe that progress happens by bringing together global Experts who have the drive and the influence to make a positive change.